Bloomsday Live in Blackrock Village Centre

Photo 1239‘A Play on Ulysses’ live in Blackrock Village Centre

‘A Play on Ulysses’ is a unique Bloomsday event in Dublin. This fully dramatised adaptation of Ulysses will take place in Blackrock Village Centre on Friday 16th June at 6pm. The performance is compressed into 80 action filled minutes. Drama, comedy, song and dance combine to produce an unforgettable and enlightening insight into Ulysses.

This year the performance is infused with James Joyce’s Manshees – a troubadour trio - who join the stellar cast bringing fun and theatre to the heart of Blackrock. The performance has come a long way since its 2010 inception; it is a must-see on Bloomsday 2023.

Entry is free, come early and get a seat!