Poulet Bonne Femme now in Blackrock Village Centre!

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We have a really tasty new retailer in Poulet Bonne Femme - Home of the Rotisserie opening today in Unit 1. Pictured is Centre Manager Seamus Carroll welcoming Sara Mitchell of Poulet Bonne Femme - Home of the Rotisserie.

Sara says all of the chickens sold are Irish, free-range and all of the ingredients used in the secret marinade are of the highest quality.

The chickens are slowly roasted on a spit, continuously basting in their own juices, which produces a deliciously succulent roast chicken for customers to take home with them or eat in one of our tasty sandwiches – succulent roast chicken served on a bed of fresh salad with butter, mayonnaise and dijon mustard on sourdough bread and a little salt and pepper.

As well as the signature rotisserie chicken, you can also find the amazingly tasty Porchetta – Irish pork loin marinaded in herbs and garlic and roasted with truly crispy crackling. Always worth a try. Irish honey roast ham, roast Irish lamb and delicious succulent Irish beef.